Welcome to the www.thinkitsellit.com blog!

ThinkItSellIt is the world’s first unprotected ideas sales market!
At thinkitsellit.com you can list any idea (that’s yours) for free!
Buyers interested in your idea pay to see more and more about your idea (3 levels of disclosure)
Any part of any idea can be sold an unlimited number of times!!!

This blog is for:

  • Open forum between inovators/inventors and buyers/entrepreneurs
  • Communicating with the webmasters
  • News about the thinkitsellit.com website

3 Responses to About

  1. matt wear says:

    how much do you get paid

  2. matt wear says:

    I have a great idea but I need information. like do we need a module of it? and if you’re business can call at 509 – 464 – 0560 it would really help.=

  3. Marc Jagerr says:

    Hi Matt,

    We don’t ‘get paid’.
    When someone who sells ideas cashes out of thinkitsellit.com we will keep 2 % of the cash.
    Listing ideas is free.
    How much you get paid depends entirely on how much you charge people to read your ideas and how many people decide to pay to read your ideas.

    Your ideas can be provided in any way. If you meant, do you need a complete ‘model’ of your idea, the answer is probably ‘no’. Just supply what information you think people will find useful and charge what you think it’s worth (to read about it).

    I hope this has answered your question, if not, check http://www.thinkitsellit.com/what_is_it.php#how which gives a pretty detailed description of how the site works.

    Marc Jager

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