May 31, 2007

We are currently Beta testing at

We welcome beta-testers and feedback. (Please post any feedback in the BugReps category of this blog)

Yes, you can already create accounts and list ideas for sale!


BugReps – This is where to report problems

May 31, 2007

Beta-testers, please post detailed bug reports here – check previous posts before posting yours incase your issue has already been reported.

Marc J├Ąger

Welcome To The Think It Sell It Blog!

May 2, 2007

Hello Innovators and Entrepreneurs!

Selling bright ideas is an exciting new innovation in itself!

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on!

As we grow, either this Blog or a Forum will be used to field questions and discussions.

This Blog is a free service all members can use.

We hope you use it to encourage the ‘inventor/innovator’ inside!


Marc Jager